Life is hard. Be nice to people, and eat a cookie.

How We Came To Be…

The idea of starting a ‘cookie company’ was first baked (pun intended) back in 2016 when Adam and Nick burnt their first batch of Toll House cookies. In their defense, those cookies were easier to burn than you’d think. 

Like the cookies, that idea was thrown in the trash.

Fast forward to November 10th, 2018.

Adam: “Yo, remember that cookie shop we were going to open?”
Nick: “Ya. What about it?”
Adam: “I’m doing it. You in?”
Nick: “haha. You know it. When do we start?”
Adam: “Right now”

The next day, Adam set up a few appointments for Nick to look at spaces in Fat Village and Flagler Village (Fort Lauderdale, FL). 

No business plan. Jump in head first, learn and figure it out along the way. That was their approach.

After flying back and forth a few times, Adam moved to Fort Lauderdale in March of 2019.

The name of the company was created. The logo was drawn up. However, one VERY important thing was missing - Adam and Nick still couldn’t bake. 

Adam sent LinkedIn messages to a handful of chefs with the hope he’d find their missing ingredient. As luck would have it, the ONLY response Adam and Nick received was from one of the most talented and accomplished chefs in Florida. 

Chef Max Santiago is an award winning pastry chef and native of South Florida. He has over 25 years of dessert experience, which includes serving as the Executive Pastry Chef in award winning 5-star, 5-diamond hotels, such as The Ritz in Coconut Grove, The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, The Cove at Atlantis Bahamas and the ONE Group at The Gansevoort South Hotel. He is also famous for co-founding The Salty Donut; a popular donut shop in Wynwood. Max has also appeared on television, magazines and internet videos for The Food Network, Miami New Times, NBC 6, Telemundo and The Miami Herald. 

With Max on board, Batch, The Cookie Company was born and the ‘Batch Street Boys’ were born.

In May of 2019, Batch signed a lease in The Hive, part of Mass District. On August 31, 2019, Batch opened its doors for the first time. In 10 short months, Batch went from an idea to a real business, with really delicious cookies.

Nick and Adam’s world famous recipe for Batch’s “Can’t bake, but We’re Opening Up a Cookie Shop” Cookie:

  • 2000g self belief

  • 545g persistence

  • 3605g Max Santiago

  • 345g luck

  • 760g surrounding yourself with good people

  • 1001g positive attitude

  • 2500g incredible employees

  • 500g GC & Architect - Jason Schlansky

  • 500g Broker - Lauren Mcgee

  • 500g Consultant - Dylan Lagi

  • 1000g supportive family

  • 545g risk taking

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